HAVANA, CUBA Things To Know Before You Go

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“Things to know before you go”,
gives you a quick reference guide of the destination.   

In Miami:

  • Check-In at Miami International Airport, AA Airline Counter, Terminal D.  3- hours prior to departure on Wednesday, October 25th.  (See Itinerary for details).
  • Travel Documents – Passport & Cuban Visa required.
  • Baggage – 1 checked bag, weighing 44lbs, $20.00 checked bag fee. Carry-on 20 pounds permitted. (Details to be confirmed with flight information).

In Havana:
  • Currency Exchange – The peso (CUC) is the official Cuban currency, approximately 87CUC to US$100.00; 10% surcharge for exchange. Better exchange rates at your hotel or the International Bank in the city, than at the airport. The exchange rate for Euros is higher; you may consider changing your US$ to Euros before departing the U.S.
  • Credit Cards – US Issued credit cards are not accepted. Only 2 ATMs with high commissions 12.5% at CADECA Bank. Inquire at Hotel Information Desk.
  • In Your Hotel – Wireless Internet Access; Security Deposit Box, Currency Exchange.
  • Water – Recommended you drink bottled water about US$1.00.
  • Weather & What to Wear – Tropical climate, hot summers and warm winters. Rainy season May to October. Wear light-weight, loose-fitting clothing, hats, and comfortable shoes for walking.
  • Time Zone - Eastern
  • Telephone – Havana Country code 53, City code 7. Dialing out call 119 and International country code and number. GSM900 mobile phones work in Havana, or you can rent them and buy a prepaid SIM card. (phone: 7-880-222; http://www.cubacel.cu).
  • Electrical Voltage – 110 Volts
  • While Shopping – Do not display large amounts of cash! Best quality items are sold in State run stores and not on the streets, such as, cigars, art & crafts, etc. Please note: No Restrictions on the amount Cigars and Cuban Rum taken out of the country. Expect to pay taxes on arrival into the U.S.A.
  • Tipping – Be discreet when tipping, do not leave on the table (that could go to the State), instead place your tip in the person’s hand. 10% - 15% recommended. Many Hotels & restaurants automatically add a 15% service charge to your bill.
  • General Precautions – Avoid open displays of wealth, jewelry, or other valuables; Avoid confrontations with locals; Avoid political demonstrations and protests; Avoid illegal drugs and do not over indulge in drinking alcohol; Lock your valuables in a safe and keep your door locked; Be cautious of unsolicited offers of assistance from strangers.
  • Other Tips/Suggestions – Take Toilet paper, Soap, other toiletries; Medications, and other preventatives, such as, Neosporin & Insect repellant; Sunscreen; Umbrella; Gifts (for children, etc.) and Medical Supplies (optional).
  • Call an Agent  1-844-859-2526